About the Band

My Own Nothing formed in late 2007 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.The original line up included Nick Ender on vocals, Todd Canfield on guitar and back up vocals, Scott Rentschler on bass, and Sean Norfolk on drums.

In early 2008 an old friend of Todd’s , Dan Goemaat caught a “My Own Nothing” show at Cocktails in Cedar Rapids and was blown away by the unique sound that My Own Nothing was putting out and during one of the intermissions Dan approached Todd to let him know what he thought about the sound. Before Dan could get it all out Todd asked Dan to join the group.

“Come to practice next Tuesday night and bring your guitar” Todd said to Dan.(without asking anybody else). “I idolized Dan for years!” Todd says, “Ever since the first time I heard Dan play in his high school metal band “Fat Hand Squash”, I have wanted to be
in a band with him” “It’s like the dude reads my mind and know’s exactly what sound I am hearing when we are writing”. “That in itself is a rare find. And he really knows how to throw down!

Scott was the obvious choice when it came to adding a bass player to the mix. We had all known each other for many years. Todd and Scott were in a band together right out of high school. Todd on drums and Scott on bass. “We know what we expect from each other” Scott says. Todd and I go way back. Scott also brought it on the All is Lost album writing the music for the song “Never Knew”. “He came to practice with this riff then he and Dan just started rockin it out” Todd says. “I kept hearing this rap in my head and the words just came out.” I felt like a 21st century Vanilla Ice or something, he chuckled.

In mid 2010 Nick decided to part ways with the band and take over his familly business. He and the band members still keep in touch.

We went into the studio in mid February of 2011 and started laying down the first tracks. “It was grueling” Todd Says, working 60 plus hours a week and trying to fit in studio time really cut into the sleep schedule”. When I started writing these songs years ago, I honestly never imagined I would be releasing them for the whole world to hear” says Todd.

Being in the studio really made us open our eyes to see where we stood individually in a musical sense, they said. They wrapped up their time in the studio and released their master recording in early May of 2011. The freshman album “All Is Lost” i was released in June of the same year.

In early November 2011 due to musical, and directional differences the band and its original drummer Sean Norfolk parted ways. “We wish him the best, they say. We really do”. Sean is currently working on a new project that will be coming soon.

In 2012 Dan also left the band.  Leaving Scott and Todd to scout the world for a new members for the band.

In 2013 Todd’s nephew Zach Canfield joined the band as their new drummer and back up vocals.  Zach’s previous music experience was playing trumpet all through Middle and High School.  Listening to him play, you would think he has been playing percussion his whole life.  Believe it or not, Zach learned to play the drums by playing video games like ROCK BAND.

 The 2013 line up  of My Own Nothing is a lean mean rocking machine with Todd on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Scott on Bass Guitar and,  Zach on drums.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are for whats to come! All of this, its like a musical dream come true! We are very excited for the future, and we look forward to seeing all of you out there in the crowd! Thank you all very much for your support!!

 None of this would be possible without all of you!!!

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  1. hey cuz,hope all is well,look forward to ur next album,congrats on the new marriage,new baby,and ur new album,planning on purchasing one if at all possible.
    Love you